Where Art and Nature Meet Carlton, MN

Where Art and Nature Meet Carlton, MN

Where Art and Nature Meet Carlton, MNWhere Art and Nature Meet Carlton, MNWhere Art and Nature Meet Carlton, MN

Why Leave the Natural World 

Outside Your Door?

Our Philosophy

Asian Danaidae related to our local Monarchs

Sustainable Business Practices


All of our butterflies, moths, and insects are either extremely common in their native habitat, or they are farm-raised for release and export. We buy them from the same types of sustainable sources where butterfly conservatories purchase their butterflies.

Butterfly farms and aviaries in third-world countries provide a sustainable business for local families. This income encourages people to support insect populations and protect their natural habitat, instead of promoting deforestation and the destruction of habitat. Protected habitat allows wild butterflies and insects to flourish.


Invite Butterflies to Your Garden

No matter where you live, you can encourage butterflies to visit your home! Organic container gardens, wildflower or cultivated beds filled with cosmos, alyssum, aster, fennel, lavendar, verbena, zinnia, purple coneflower, marigolds, and oregano will draw them in. 

If you have lawn space, plant milkweed, thistle, hollyhocks, lupine, and grasses, which will attract butterfly larvae. 

The best and easiest thing you can do to support butterflies on a larger scale is to  stop mowing a portion of your manicured lawn.  Let the wild grasses and flowers replace turfgrass.  You'll be providing a living laboratory for your children and grandchildren and habitat for insects and butterflies!

Viceroy on Purple Aster - Upstate NY

Unique Gifts from Nature

Connect with the natural world at Insecta Etcetera in Duluth, bringing vibrant colors into your home, and learn more about the butterflies, moths, and insects that inhabit our lands around the world. 

Each of our shadowbox frames includes the genus, species, common name, and natural habitat location of the butterfly, moth, or insect that you purchase.

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